Theory Of Convergence was founded in Shanghai in the spring of 2014 when guitar player Reno and bassist ChiChi met and decided to start writing music together with former songwriter and vocalist Tian.

Their style quickly developed into an uncompromising heavy progressive rock, bringing fresh and unique new sounds to the local underground scene. With the addition of Joan on vocals and BenJ behind the drums, the current lineup has been busy producing their first album “Default Beings”.

In the buoyant city of Shanghai in modern China, they make the listener travel and reflect on life, with the firm belief that in every situation and creation process, no matter how difficult, there is always hope and opportunity for a brighter tomorrow provided you own your destiny and take action to create your future. Furious riffs and a tight rhythm section meet beautiful vocal melodies… enter the world of Theory Of Convergence.

Joan – Vocals
Reno – Guitars, keyboards
ChiChi – Bass
BenJ – Drums, percussions

不愿被束缚在世俗定义的标准之下 不愿被局限在他人的刻板印象之下 因此,在2014年,我们聚合在一起,为你们带来多元的冲击。 我们不需要被定义,我们不需要被赋予
我们是Theory of Convergence,我们是TOC。 在不远的未来,一个全新的开始即将到来,请期待我们在 2017 年的新专。